Farm Visits for Schools

Educational Visits

organicARTS has a wide experience of working with young people from schools, nurseries, children’s centres. We work to create bespoke visits based around the needs of your group and time that you have for your visit.

We want visits to involve enriching experiences and a clear learning focus alongside time for reflection and to enjoy being at the farm.

This year we have, among other things, dug up clay and modeled with it, cooked leek soup over a fire, tracked badgers, discussed where food comes from, pressed apples, climbed straw bales, herded cattle, examined soil horizons, learnt about farm stewardship and more. A farm is a fantastic place for education to take place and we have been very lucky to have the support of the Environmental Stewardship scheme in developing the resources we have.

Interested and want to find out more? Below are some of the possible themes and experiences we can offer. We can build these themes into a stimulating visit based around your focus. Visits are charged at between £5 – £10 per child depending on the number of our team involved and the resources used.

We like a challenge .. email and come and  have a chat and a planning walk with us!

Some ideas …

Farm Explore

Orchards, meadow, old railway cutting, woodland, stream and hills – West Town Farm is a rich and varied environment to explore.

Garden Explore

The community garden allows the exploration of how plants grow and where our food comes from. Seed planting, compost creation, digging can all feature.

The whole day was absolutely fantastic! It was pitched at just the right level for our children. Kevin was fantastic and his way with the children is definitely a highlight of the visit. The hands on experience in the garden, including the cooking, was particularly great. Thank you!

St Nicholas Primary

Practical Fireside Cooking

Seasonal produce and food stories around a campfire. Wild Garlic and Nettle Soup, Sizzling Sausages, Local Pizzas, Pumpkin Soup, Kale Smoothies, Apple Pressing all feature on the West Town Farm menu – but only the right time of year. Our agenda? Increase an understanding and enjoyment of where food comes from.

Soils and Clay

The soil is the heart of the farm. We can explore its composition and role through a soil walk, dig up clay for Roman Pots and create compost to enrich it.

I wasn’t too sure what I would think of a farm but actually it was very cool and I learned lots of new and interesting things.

Torbay Assessment Centre

Fire and Changes

The farm has fire pits in many places. A fire creates a focus for storytelling and a scientific workshop for exploring change.

Orchards – seasonal change

The orchard is an excellent marker of the seasons, a storehouse of folklore and a great place for apple pressing.

Overall, the natural setting provides a positive alternative to classroom study

Globe Language Centre

Bees, pollination and honey

Waggle Dances, Beeswax Bees, Honey Tasting and Bee Observing

The children loved the practical nature of all the elements. The leadership of the morning was fantastic as Jo pitched the inputs at just the right age/stage and her deliver was calm, clear and engaging.

Ide Primary

Storytelling and Storymaking

Around the fire and along the track bringing the history and stewardship of the farm to life.

Creative work with natural materials

  • willow sculptures and baskets
  • charcoal making and drawing
  • clay digging, modelling and firing
  • natural dyes
  • earth painting
  • sculpture in the environment

… and more!