Minibus Appeal Supporters

A few years ago we ran a Crownfunding campaign to raise the last amount needed to purchase a new minibus for our project. We are delighted that the following people supported our campaign and we would like to say a massive THANK YOU to them all!

Alastair Haywood
Allannah Tomkins
Amanda Bluglass
Andy Melhuish
Angela Catlow
Ann B
Ann Berger
Anthony Chen
Anthony Oliver
Barbara Steele
Barry Rowland
Becky Stockton
Bigfoot Arts Education (SW) Ltd
C Cartwright
Carol Norris
Charlotte Hubbard
Chloe Whipple
Christine Duff
Claire Mclaughlin
Claire Rockliffe & Pete Fallon
Claire Watson
Clare Henry
Colin Chapman
Dave Stickland
David Mezzetti
Debbie Stewart
Deborah Judd
Diana Moore
Don Mildenhall
E Nicholls
Emily Williams
Emma Parkin
Felicity Shillingford
Frances Chinemana
Gabrielle Hoad
George Halse
Gerry King
Gillian Taylor
Gillie Stoneham
Glen Turner
Growing Devon Schools
Hazel and David
Hazel Lawrence
Helen Lisk
I and R Baines
James Clark
James Dyson
James Meredith
Jan Waldron
Jane Ring
Janet Goddard
Jenny Leonard
Jill Grainger
Joey Lee
John Walker
Judith Hedley-Dent
Karen Mander
karen Mordue
Kate Wilder
Katie K
Linda Bowers
Lizzy Humber
Louise Venables
Love Local Food
Lucy Rockliffe
Lynda King
Maria Fintova
Martin campbell
Martyn Bragg
Martyn Windsor
Max Meikle
Netty Cleave
Nicole Porter
Nili Sigal
Nina Fenner
Oriana Ascanio
Patsy Lang
Philip Clark
Polly Macpherson
Richard Povall
Rob Wynne
Rod & Cory Lyons
Ruth Comer
Ruth Lewis
Rychard Winslade
Sarah Cobley
Sarah Connors
Sharon Berry
Sharon Staten
Stephanie Walker
Steve Briddon
Stuart Crewes
Sue Cobley
Sue Llewellyn
Sue Tong
Susan Andrew
Susanne and friends
Tiffany Reeve
Tony Gee
Unique Boutique
Verity Newman
Volkhardt Müller
Willie & Marilyn