An October Visit – a school reporter’s view

Trip to West Town Farm

When we arrived at West Town Farm we went in to a barn and we had to explore what was in the barn. After that we got to try and pick up pumpkins and we took the out side so that they could be taken to a shop and be sold. Kevin said later we would make apple juice but before we do any of that we got some activities which are putting pumpkins to bed , how many coloured pumpkins are there and taking the seeds out the middle of the pumpkins also Kevin said that after all the other groups have come back all the other groups could go up and see the cows. After all of the groups have had a go we would have a snack.

The farmer said that we were all going to be shepherds and round the sheep up and then going to pick apples. So far today it has been really fun! Whilst in the progress all of year ones got a small bit of card with a sticky bit in the middle and they had to put things on it. On the way to the apples everyone had to collect berry leaves and lots lot’s more!

In the afternoon!

Yay! We are off to the pigs. When we got there we got to feed the pigs and the babies were separated from their mums. After we did more activities and Kevin made a fire and he cooked onion squash. Mason went into the veg garden and took pictures of tomatoes and people made apple people and others did digging and climbing.
Some of the class ones said these things:
“Really good”
And super brilliant.
After I asked all the children we listened to a story and Kevin cut the onion squash open and we tried it. It was my first time trying onion squash it was delicious.


This report was written by school reporter Jade from Our Lady and St Patrick Primary School. Thanks Jade!

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