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the educational charity involving you in creative farm based learning for a healthy future invites you to join us and ..


educational charity exploring farm based learning

At organicARTS we specialise in farm based learning of shapes and sizes! We run bespoke educational visits for schools, community groups, local businesses and more!!

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educational charity exploring creative workshops

organicARTS works on a range of creative art projects using materials and inspirations from the farm. Clay, willow, natural dyes, wood are all part of the toolbox.

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educational charity growing a healthy future

At organicARTS we grow plants and people! Our Community Garden project has a huge impact on people’s lives and sense of well being.

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We work with all areas of the community at our home on West Town Farm near Ide, Exeter.

This year organicARTS has worked with nurseries, local businesses, universities, community groups, ethnic support groups, vulnerable adults, teenagers facing challenges, housing agencies, people with learning disabilities and more! We have engaged with over 4,000 people in over 100 sessions. We have planted vegetables, made soup, pressed apples, woven willow, explored the farm, dug clay, made pots, created sculptures, ran workshops, held open days and … even more!!

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