My Story

The stories here are from the people involved in organicARTS. They might be volunteers, sessional staff, trustees, visitors, friends indeed anyone who has been connected with what we do.

My Story: The Pelican Project

At The Pelican Project we have adopted a ‘sensory approach’ using materials, environments, soundscapes or ideas designed to entice young disabled people and their parents/carers into stimulating creative play that engages the senses and offers capacity for open-ended discovery. From birth babies learn about their environment through their senses. They find out what things are and how they work by seeing, touching and listening to them. Our sessions with Organic Arts have proved an ideal tool for people with a young developmental age to explore the world in playful sensory engagement. 'Sensory Learners' at all stages of development can relish ...
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My Story: Lou, Garden Volunteer

I first came to Organic Arts to do a mindfulness course, to help with my anxiety. I hoped that being outdoors and taking time to connect with and appreciate nature would help me manage my mental health. The course did that and more, but what I didn’t expect was to also feel part of a community: from the warm welcome when I first arrived, to the invite to share in the lunchtime soup prepared and cooked by the garden volunteers, to sitting quietly with others and enjoying the peaceful surroundings of West Town Farm. It felt like a world away ...
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My Story: Zoe, Trustee

This summer, I was honoured to be accepted as a trustee for organicARTS. I was a new (ish) mum with a little more spare time, a desire to keep my brain in gear and a wish to become more involved in my community, so when I heard that the wonderful organisation that I’d done a Christmas wreath making course with the year before needed help, I jumped at the chance. In my pre-baby life I had run courses and events on an organic farm, so felt I had some experience and skills I could bring to my role. Being a ...
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